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Meet GIFT Donor & Training Participant Rebecca Ginsburg

"By giving to GIFT, we are expanding the capacity of groups fighting for progressive causes across the U.S."

Rebecca Ginsburg is director of the Education Justice Project (EJP), a comprehensive college-in-prison program that provides academic programs to incarcerated individuals and outreach services to the families of incarcerated people and returning citizens.

How did you first learn about GIFT?

When I reached out to Kim Klein in our search for capacity building support, she recommended working with GIFT. I went online to learn more and was impressed with how clearly GIFT articulates its values. GIFT's framework goes beyond simply bringing in lots of money—it's also about building relationships and awareness, and empowering communities who traditionally haven't had a lot of access to resources to start mobilizing. No one joins our program because they want to raise money, but we still need everyone to be concerned about funding this work. Our incarcerated scholars can't raise funds from inside, but they can and do as alumni.

Why did you reach out to GIFT for training?

We've needed GIFT for a long time, but haven't always had the resources to hire them. We started working with Laughing Gull Foundation (LGF), who was supporting EJP to create a sustainable grassroots fundraising program. When LGF found out we were interested in working with GIFT, they were very excited and told us GIFT was the best group to work with in the country.

We all are challenged by the need for funds. Our alumni aren't able to contribute financially in significant ways, the number of foundations supporting prison education work is dwindling, and with the current administration it's very unlikely the federal government is going to continue to invest in this work. The larger, national community of college-in-prison educators has been talking about sustainable models to support our work, and while grassroots fundraising presents such a model, none of us are really experts at it. EJP is committed to sharing what we learn through this two-year capacity building effort—through our national conference, list serv, publications, etc. We want to help advance the field more generally, not just for ourselves.

How was the two-day training experience for you and other attendees?
We were encouraged to consider inviting other community based groups to participate in the training with us, which was such a smart idea. Bringing us together—groups working with the same communities on related issues—was a true gift. If we can increase the capacity of our community as a whole, we will all benefit. It's all about relationships.

Another advantage of doing the training as a community is that the next time I see people I'm going to check in with them about what they're doing. We feel accountable and responsible to each other. We learned a lot about grassroots fundraising and about what we could be doing differently to get out the word about what we do, why we do it, how people can support and engage with our work. It was such a helpful reminder that we're giving people an opportunity to participate, that people want to feel connected and that they're making a difference.

Why did you become a GIFT donor?
Going through the GIFT training also made me think about my persona as a person with money to give. Before the training it never would have occurred to me to give to GIFT. Other issues and organizations would have been a higher giving priority. I now have a better sense of how GIFT is run and its need for our support.

GIFT is made up of really committed activists who are passionate about the work, and I want to get behind that level of energy and commitment. I also have a better appreciation for fundraising as a political act. By giving to GIFT, we are expanding the capacity of groups fighting for progressive causes across the U.S. Without financial sustainability, our impact is limited. Thank you and appreciations to GIFT for what you do.

Propose a Track, Practice Space, or Network Gathering for the 20th Allied Media Conference: June 14-17, 2018 in Detroit

“The Resourcing & Sustaining Our Movements track creates a space where people can have big, difficult conversations rooted in community and creates a place for these awesome things to live.”

~Morgan Willis, associate director of Allied Media Projects

The AMC2018 call for tracks, practice spaces, and network gatherings proposals is now open! All proposals are due by Nov. 8, 2017 and conference staff are available to help along the way. 

Held every summer in Detroit, the conference brings together a vibrant and diverse community of people using media to incite change, and features over 300 hands-on workshops, meetups, nighttime events and more.

Info session for interested coordinators: Sunday, Nov. 5, 2017 @ 1 p.m. ET. To join the call dial-in 719-284-5616. Pin: 95330

Fond Farewells and a Warm Welcome

We extend our deep gratitude to Michael Robin and Mazi Mutafa, who recently transitioned off GIFT's board of directors. Some of you may have spoken with Michael and Mazi over the years, as they both put in countless hours supporting our fundraising and outreach efforts. Thank you for your dedication and service to GIFT, Michael and Mazi!

Please join us in welcoming Carl Lipscombe to our board! Carl is the deputy director of Black Alliance for Just Immigration, and is a long-time Journal reader and Money for Our Movements attendee. Great to have you join the GIFT team, Carl!

Where You're Sending GIFT

Latino Community Foundation launched a capacity-building initiative, the Latino Nonprofit Accelerator, centered on a cohort of 10 grassroots, community-based nonprofits serving the Latino community.

GIFT was invited to attend the initiative's launch, a day-long series of events that included: a GIFT training and call to action; relationship-building with cohort organizations; and networking with community funders, launch sponsors, and local community leaders.

Latino Union envisions power for low-wage immigrant and U.S.-born workers, and dignified, respectful work and lives. They defend the rights and dignity of contingent workers, including the right to immigrate, work, live free of oppression and violence, and provide for oneself and one's family.

Latino Union reached out to GIFT earlier this year to request fundraising training support for their members and volunteers. Latino Union recruited four other community groups to participate in a day-long training last month.

GIFT Trainer and former Board Member Jennifer Dillon and Program Director Veronica Garcia with participants of a two-day training hosted by the Education Justice Project in September.

Money for Our Movements is Coming to Atlanta!

We're thrilled to announce that the 7th biennial Money for Our Movements conference will be held in Atlanta July 27-29, 2018. More details and ways you can get in involved coming soon, but for now please mark your calendars!

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