Building a Successful Monthly Sustainer Program Webinar on Demand

Type: Monthly Giving
Price: $20.00


Allison Budschalow and Kristin Campbell tell the amazing story of how they built a wildly successful monthly sustainer program over the course of three years. They discuss the vision and strategy as well as share the how-to nuts-and-bolts and capacity required for building monthly giving programs. 

In 2010, MMP launched a monthly sustainer program with the understanding that if we are to sustain our vital organization, we must build a consistent, broad base of donors who care deeply about our mission. Our grassroots fundraising model taps into our greatest resource: our people’s commitment to a more just world.  In the first three months of the program, MMP signed up 100 sustainers, including our entire Leadership Council. A year later, in 2011, we had over 200 monthly sustainers, and today, we have 300 sustainers supporting our work monthly.

Media Mobilizing Project (MMP) exists to build a media, education, and organizing infrastructure that will cohere and amplify the growing movement to end poverty. We use media to organize poor and working people to tell our stories to each other and the world, disrupting the stereotypes and structures that keep our communities divided.

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